You buy a new phone annually because it gets outdated every year. When you buy a new car, it’s value depreciates immediately and will continue to do so until it stops working. You focus on spending for catering, wedding planning, flowers, your wedding gown, your venue, and many others – but they’re all going to be forgotten. All that will remain in your life are the priceless and joyful memories captured “on film” about which you will be giggling for decades to come, which simply can not be valued by zeroes.


(Reservations required. Date and time availability may vary. Restrictions apply.)



CHEERFUL PACKAGE – Investment: $399

▪ 2-Hour Photobooth Time.

▪ Personalized 4×6 Photo Layout Design. May include celebrants’ photo, company logo, and wording.

▪ Drape Backdrop and Props included.

▪ Unlimited turns. Photos available for guests through Printing. Limit 2 prints per turn.

▪ Photos will also be provided via Dropbox link. Free online social media album (Facebook – if desired).

▪ Professional-grade studio lighting and camera.

▪ Open Air Set-Up Only. Includes on-site operator, and free setup and tear down.

▪ Upgrades available: Texting ($25), Multiple-Print Upgrade ($50 per hour)


▪ Includes features of our Cheerful Package with the following upgrades.

▪ 3-Hour Total Photobooth Time.

▪ Photos available through Printing and Texting/SMS.

▪ Multiple-Print Upgrade. Additional prints may be requested. Limit 1 per person.

▪ Choice between sequins draping or seamless backdrops.

▪ Free mileage up to 35 miles of 90660.

DELIGHTFUL PACKAGE – Investment: $799

▪ Recommended for larger and more formal events with a guest count of over 150.

▪ Includes features of our Joyful Package with the following upgrades.

▪ 4-Hour Total Photobooth Time.

▪ Photo Album / Guestbook Service.

▪ Choice of adding either a Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop for that red carpet look OR having an enclosed (inflatable) setup for a more private experience. (If not needed, subtract $50 from price)


▪ Additional Photobooth Time – $150/hour

▪ Guestbook Service (guests leave an extra copy of their photo and write dedications) – $75

▪ 8×8’ Step and Repeat Banner – $200 (includes graphic design, production, delivery and stand rental)

Also available in an 8′ x 10′ for $250 (Client keeps the banner at the end of the event)

▪ Enclosed Booth (Inflatable) – $150 (Indoor events only)

▪ Red Carpet with Gold Stanchion and Red Velvet Rope – $50

▪ Curated Backdrop Upgrade – Pricing varies, done through third party supplier.

▪ Photo, Video, and DJ/MC services also available. Subject to date availability.

MILEAGE: No fee within 25 miles of 90660. $20 for first mile over 30, plus 50 cents per mile thereafter.

STANDBY TIME: $30 per hour. Applies when requested setup time exceeds 2 hours prior to photobooth start time; and/or when requesting to split the otherwise continuous booking time and exceeds 30 minutes. This is charged on the first minute exceeding time limits mentioned above and is not prorated.

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